Wedding through a pandemic

Posted 17th of April 2020

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The world, as it seems, for the time being, is under lockdown. The ambiance that comes with a global pandemic can cast a little fear in everyone's minds. These times may seem slightly daunting to you as they seem to us, but remember, remaining hopeful (and being responsible) can always get us through mostly everything! This aura of dread is probably making you anticipate the future. Like us, you too might be wondering what impacts the COVID-19 might present, so here's a little overview of the situation and how it might, or might not affect you.

Digital Days

Owing to this pandemic, people have taken onto themselves to remain indoors. It's 2020, and you certainly do not have to leave the comfort and (quite literally) the comfort of your home to buy necessities. Online shopping, during these dire times, presented itself as a panacea to fulfil our needs. Everything from grocery shopping to office work has forced internet usage to skyrocket, with some countries claiming that their internet usage has shown a remarkable increase of 50%.  With stores closing down, many businesses also find themselves in trouble. For all major and smaller industries, these times seem pessimistic and have impacted the economy unfavourably. The wedding industry, a major field is also stirred by the current situation, and designers are seen using creative ways to keep the business running from behind screens.

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Fashion Industry in Danger

As the spread of the virus escalates, so does its impact. The effects of coronavirus are seen globally and it has been continuously impacting the fashion industry in a negative way, with worldwide brands having been forced to temporarily halt businesses, furlough their employees, or close stores. Many fashion shows too, unfortunately, are to be canceled including; the bridal fashion week, Milan fashion week, Paris fashion week fall 2020, Shanghai and Beijing fashion weeks, and numerous others. It seems like we will not be seeing any of the creative and extraordinary met gala attires this year either, or the CFDA awards. 

A Sheath or a Mermaid?

Many couples, with their wedding schedules this winter have started to feel a little overwrought. With weddings being postponed or destination weddings being cancelled entirely, the grave question of dresses arises. Many brides would now be forced to change 'The Dress' entirely. Perhaps from an elegant multi-layered, classic laced winter gown to a flirty midi destined for a summer wedding. The designers find themselves amidst a myriad of alterations and queries. Without the never-ending rendezvous with the designer and multiple try-outs, the affair seems unmanageable. With the present lockdown situation, designers are trying to tackle these issues best as they can. Many designers, going with the flow, have taken onto themselves to provide online services to the brides. To provide the full experience of the bridal dress shopping certainly proves troublesome and quite perplexing. Meredith Stoecklein, the designer responsible for Lein, shares her remedy to this issue. "We guide them through the design process, assist with measurements, and offer to send fabric swatches so they can see and feel the fabrics and trims without leaving their homes. So far, the response has been great."  

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The Silver Lining

The outbreak of the pandemic isn't entirely dark and clouded. With the world under a lockdown, many boutiques and design houses have been shut down. Remaining indoors is now a priority and planning for a wedding stuck within the four walls of your home may seem unnerving or maybe even impossible at first. But with the online services provided by the designers, it could perhaps prove easier than ever. Designers have made the use of mobile applications like Zoom to their fullest. Fortunately, if you're the kind of bride who prefers to go through the dressmaking process in great detail, this is the time for you. In the pre-pandemic days, going to your favourite designer, who lives a 5-hour-drive away way was a problem. Now, you can easily access them via internet. Not to mention, how auspicious the situation turned out for brides or bridesmaids, who can now have a custom-made wedding dress by their dream designer from beyond borders.  Moreover, this way can also prove to be more economically favourable and save travelling time as well.